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Who is this number registered to? originally began as a way for consumers to report companies who were spamming them and disturbing them. We have grown and now have become the largest free reverse phone lookup, which is run by people like YOU, the community's users. Our reverse number lookup is extremely simple, yet powerful. Simply type a phone number, text message number, or 4, 5, or 6 digit short code into the search bar. If the info is available to us, you will be taken directly to the phone number's page with information about the number as well as other experiences left by site users. If not, we will make sure you are taken to a partnered cell phone directory site which will help you find the phones info you need. users share experiences about text messages and cell phone calls that they receive. Because of this, our site's community helps build a cell phone directory of information on whose number called that no other service can reproduce. Thousands of different people everyday have been asking "who texted me" and because of this, is proud to power thousands of reverse phone lookups every single month. Everyone with access to the internet is able to use our site's free cell phone directory at any time they please.
Who called me: Scammers, mobile marketers, and plenty of other shady businesses often call or leave voicemails and texts. To see if who is calling you is who they say they are, simply reverse lookup the number with our cell phone directory and find out what other user's experiences have been.
Whose number is this calling me: If a business is disturbing you, let the community know. By taking action and actively reporting telephone numbers, we are providing helpful insight so that others may avoid being scammed themselves.
Lookup phone number: Our site has had countless experiences and stories of users that have helped one another to avoid falling victim to scams.
Cell phone lookup: Have others left reports on this phone number? Perhaps you want to see whose number it is calling you? Maybe you just want to reverse number lookup the phone number for a job posting.

Disclaimer: You don't need to keep asking who is this number registered to thanks to the helpful community of users at

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What is a phone number lookup?

A phone number search is a simple way to know whose number is this by typing in the phone number to a search engine or directory to find listings that are returned for a landline or cell phone number. These number to name services may also be referred to as a gray pages directory or a criss-cross directory. Unlike standard telephone directories, users don't search using customer details such as a name or address to retrieve the telephone number for a person or business, but rather they search using a telephone number to then get the owner's information.

Originally in the United States, printed reverse phone directories were produced by telephone service providers themselves and were often given to law enforcement, phone companies, and even some public libraries as references. Nowadays, these printed directories have become obsolete as technology has advanced significantly and now most of this information is aggregated online to be searched and found via the internet.

Our database allows you to easily lookup the owner of any landline number or mobile phone for entirely free and no fees whatsoever. Our reverse phone lookup has never been easier for users to use. Our phone search allows you to identify an unknown caller using our site's compiled number lookup database. We scour through hundreds of thousands of records to be sure that we return the real person or business who owns a phone number. is entirely free and does not cost anything to use. Find out carrier info, use it to people search by number, and even get details about locations of an area code.

How can I find a name from a phone number?

Use telephone number directory

1. Go to

Open a web browser of your choice (both desktop and mobile devices work) and navigate to

Who is this number registered to

2. Enter Phone Number

Enter the phone number you want more information about into the search bar.

Click the search icon

3. Click the search icon

Click on the search icon or press the enter key and we'll begin looking up the number for you.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup From Computer, Cell Phone, or Tablet

Reverse phone lookup from a computer

Stop wasting your time using other reverse number lookup services that simply don't work. lets you find out the true owner of any phone number. If you've received a missed call from an unknown phone number and are trying to find out who called you, feel free to use our reverse cell phone lookup for all of your unlisted number searches.

Phone number to name lookup

Telemarketers, unknown callers, an unknown number, and anyone else trying to hide their identity better beware! We do our best to help reveal the truth of who is calling us (think whitepages but free). We help hundreds of thousands of users instantly find people every single month.

We help you super charge your searching to trace down addresses, see who numbers belong to, and help with identifying who those annoying and unknown calls are coming from. If you have previously paid other websites to have searched their listings of public records, we're sorry but we truly believe that is just not the best way to go about it. Paying for information that should be publicly available isn't our style.

Calls and texts from an unlisted number, suspicious messages and voicemails, a random cell number, and annoying prank calls no longer need to stress you out. Now you will have the information of unfamiliar numbers in an instant and be able to trust its accuracy. When you receive a call you don't recognize, run unlimited confidential searches on listed, unlisted, and residential numbers which should help in evaluating who it is.

With, all you have to do is enter the phone number into our search engine and we will return back to you the phone number owner's full name and address. If for some reason we do not have sufficient information on the number you look up, we will even forward you to another site that we partner with who does. Often these partnering services also help to find name and relative info, search millions of records, and can help people find out if their spouse is cheating and doing unwanted things. is the online phone book with a twist.

We browse through hundreds of thousands of records (including short code numbers) to ensure that we provide you with only the most accurate and up to date information available. Our reverse phone number lookup service is entirely free and always will be. You don't have to create an account, sign up for anything, or even pay any fees to use our free service anytime.

You will remain completely anonymous unless you wish to leave a review including your name. is one of the only free phone lookup websites to provide the latest community aggregated ownership information. Our data is always fresh and up to date since we rely on user submitted information.

Most other resources on the web don't return accurate data, but thanks to our users, our phone lookup is constantly being updated on a regular basis. In years past, some phone companies have offered various services for lookups, but over the years they have disappeared for the most part. We believe that this information is valuable and unlike other sites, with us you are not restricted to only basic info if not a paying subscriber.

How is unique from other reverse lookup sites?

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of people receive telephone calls from unknown numbers and ask themselves "whose number is this calling me". Our lookup site relies primarily on our community of users to submit information on phone calls and text messages that they receive from unknown phone numbers. Because of this, we are able to deliver up to date information on callers that no other service can reproduce.

Along with this, we also are 100% free and our lookup service simply works. We built this website and service so anyone can easily find out the owner of the phone number. If we don't have the information available on our site that you need, we won't waste your time, we will forward you to a website that does. We do this to ensure that you always find what it is you're looking for and call back if you wish. is our take on the traditional reverse directories service - community aggregated, always updated, socially verified information. We work to provide reliable caller name information for cell phone providers that generally do not have caller id info available. This includes AT&T, T Mobile, Google Voice (and other VOIP services), etc.

Since our information comes from other users of our community, we are proud to announce that we can return data for short code numbers, cell phone numbers, landline phone numbers, toll free numbers, 800 numbers, and much more. Similar reverse phone search providers that often charge for their phone service to locate people by phone number include Intelius, White Pages, BeenVerified, Phone Detective, and Spokeo.

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