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If you have been using WordPress for a while, you must have come across the term, WordPress Shortcodes. It is an exceptionally useful feature, but the name is not self-explanatory at first, and you might be wondering what shortcodes in WordPress are.

You can think of a shortcode as a shortcut that allows you to add features to your website that would require a lot of coding and technical knowledge.  It is written inside a square bracket like [your-text]. You can use this shortcode to add media galley to posts and pages.

There are several shortcodes available on WordPress.com. Apart from it, many third-party plugins use shortcodes too. Instructions are available to assemble the shortcodes, which you can add to any page using shortcode block.

How to easily add WordPress Shortcodes in posts and pages?

Now, you have got a better understanding of what shortcode is. It is time to discuss how to add and create one for your WordPress site.

When we add a shortcode in a post or page, WordPress replaces it with suitable dynamic content produced from PHP functions.  Let’s have a look at the WordPress shortcodes that are present in the platform by default.

  • audio: It embeds audio files to your website and enables playback.
  • caption: This allows you to wrap the caption around the text.
  • embed: Lets you set the maximum dimension for the embedded item.
  • gallery: Add a customized gallery to your website.
  • playlist: Design an audio or video playlist.
  • video: Place a video file that you can playback.

Adding Shortcodes to WordPress easily

Edit the post or page where you want to insert the shortcode. Click on the Add Block button tag to add the shortcode block. After adding the block, enter the shortcode in the block settings.


Various WordPress plugins offer this feature. You can use WPForms for adding a contact form shortcode, Optin Monster for email marketing, and WP Call Button for inserting a call button.

Adding WordPress shortcodes in the sidebar widget

You can also use shortcodes in the WordPress sidebar widget.  Visit the appearance then Widget and add a text widget to a sidebar. Paste the shortcode in the widget test area, and click the save button.

After it, you can visit your website to see the live preview of the shortcodes in the sidebar widget.

Adding shortcode in WordPress old classic editor

First, you need to edit the post or page where you want to add the shortcode. After it, paste the shortcode to anywhere inside the content editor where you want it to display.

Just make sure that the code is in its line. Save the changes and preview your post and pages to see your WordPress shortcodes in action.

Adding shortcodes in WordPress theme editor

The main aim of the WordPress shortcodes is to use them in posts, pages, and widgets. But you can also use it in the WordPress theme file. Use the below code in any theme file to add a shortcode

<?PHP echo do_shortcode("[your_shortcode]"); ?>

The server will display its output in the template.

Shortcodes APIs make it simple to create your WordPress shortcodes for the projects. The idea is remarkable because it makes the whole process easy by enabling users to handle complex functions with only a few keystrokes.

5 Best WordPress plugin to insert shortcodes

As we already mention that WordPress comes with few default shortcodes and many themes also offer custom libraries of shortcodes to makes it easier to create your website. But what will happen if you have chosen to switch the themes?

Upon switching the theme, you will lose access to the WordPress shortcodes, and your pages will seem broken. WordPress shortcodes plugins are here to help you out. The plugins allow you to add shortcodes to your website that won’t appear on theme change.

Here are some of the WordPress plugins that can help you create your website without a single HTML code

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcode Ultimate is a free WordPress plugin with a lot of options, and each one is easily available. It has almost 50 WordPress shortcodes for any page element, including columns, sliders, and tables.

Shortcodes ultimate

It works with any theme and also suitable for Gutenberg block editor. The download count has crossed 800,000, which is evidence of quality and value.

2. Shortcoder

It is one of the user-friendly plugins for shortcodes. WordPress admin can generate custom codes that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Paste it in the code, assign the name, and place it anywhere on the post or page.


It works excellent for the embedded content like videos and ads. Create a shortcode for each item and place it in the editor. The plugin also allows you to disable the code.

3. WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

It is another excellent WordPress shortcodes plugin. WP shortcodes allow you to add beautiful page elements like buttons, alerts, tabs, Google Maps, and others. But it offers fewer codes than a shortcoder.  

WP Shortcode

It is a good option for those who need additional functionality without any complexity. Users can customize the shortcode’s parameters as well.

4. Meks flexible shortcodes

Meks is a premium WordPress theme and plugin developer who has created its shortcode tool to create the page elements. There are 12 codes available, which you can style according to your preferences.

Meks Flexible Shortcodes

Flexible plugins allow you to add a panel to the interface, through which you can add WordPress shortcodes without any friction.

5. Column shortcodes

While building a WordPress site, the most hectic task is to properly align columns. But the Column shortcodes provide the best solution.

Column shortcodes

Column shortcodes work with most of the WordPress themes, and its style settings can be overwritten with the theme styling and CSS. The admins can also override the adding setting to give more room to the content.

WordPress shortcodes have made it easy to add complex functionality. These are simple to program and add value to the existing project by creating dynamic content.


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