If you’re having trouble with Premium Rate Text Messages to/from short code numbers, this article will help you to check your phone’s permission settings. Please do note that depending on your carrier, you may need to take additional steps to activate premium rate SMS messages.

To further help our site’s users, we have compiled a list of contact information for most popular wireless carriers in the US.

Below, you will find customer service phone numbers, as well as the appropriate website contact pages for T Mobile, Verizon Wireless, ATT, Cricket Wireless, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Metro PCS, and Ting.

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How to Disable or Enable Premium Rate SMS for Android?

1. From the home screen of your cell phone, navigate to your “Settings” section and select it (this will usually be a gear icon) and then scroll until you find “Application Manager”. Select your Application Manager.

2. Next, select the Menu icon which consists of 3 tiny vertical dots (this is generally in the top right-hand corner of this section).

3. From the dropdown, select “Configure apps”. Then, scroll down the Advanced section and find/select “Special access”.

4. Now you will need to find and select the section “Premium SMS access”. You will be taken to a screen that shows a dialog saying something along the lines of “Premium SMS may cost you money and will add up to your carrier bills. If you enable permission for an app, you will be able to send premium SMS using that app.”

5. Above this dialog should be your phone’s SMS messaging app that you are currently using to send and receive text messages. Click the area to display the options: Ask, Never allow, or Always allow,

6. Depending on your specific needs, select the option that best suits your case. Typically, selecting “Ask” should be fine, but some users may prefer that their phone default to “Never allow” to ensure that they never deal with premium-rate SMS charges again.


How to Disable or Enable Premium SMS for iOS/iPhone?

Unfortunately, at this time disabling/enabling premium SMS services for iPhone users is not as simple as for android. In most cases, iPhone users will need to contact their mobile providers directly to solve these issues.

To do our best to help our users, we have compiled a list of popular mobile carriers and their appropriate US customer service contact info.


1. T Mobile Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(877)453-1304
T Mobile Website Contact Page:


2. ATT Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(800)331-0500
ATT Website Contact Page:

3. Verizon Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(800)922-0204
Verizon Website Contact Page: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/contact-us/


4. Cricket Wireless Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(800)274-2538
Cricket Wireless Website Contact Page:


5. Sprint Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(888)211-4727
Sprint Website Contact Page:


6. U.S. Cellular Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(888)944-9400
U.S. Cellular Website Contact Page:


7. Metro PCS Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(888)863-8768
Metro PCS Website Contact Page:


8. Ting Customer Service Info

Phone Number: 1(855)846-4389
Ting Website Contact Page:


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