Have you been receiving those annoying SMS messages from anonymous numbers? Are you a victim of SMS phishing? Dealing with spam messages from someone or some company you no longer wish to hear can be frustrating.

stop receiving sms

If you want to block those unwanted numbers, you have got several options. Both the iOS and Android platforms offer many ways of blocking specific contacts. When you block a spammer, you can guarantee you will not hear from that number again, and this will include not just text messages but also phone calls.

Most smartphones have built-in number blocking features, which means you can easily block unwanted numbers from texting or calling you by simply turning this feature on from your phone’s settings.

If your phone lacks this native number blocking feature despite being a smartphone, then you need to download free apps that are designed to help you stop receiving SMS and calls from unwanted numbers. Even if your phone does possess native number blocking features, it will not hurt you to download an app that will help you reach the extra mile in stopping an unwanted text message or call.

How to stop receiving unwanted SMS in iOS?

stop receiving sms in iOS

1. Blocking text messages from known phone numbers and contacts

Blocking unwanted SMS in iOS is not at all difficult. For text messages, you need to tap on the SMS from the phone numbers or contacts that you want to block. After that, tap their names to reveal the Facetime, Info, and Audio options.

Select the Info option, and then tap the arrow situated on the right side of the phone icon beside their name. Scroll down below and tap on Block This Caller.

You can also stop receiving unwanted SMS by going to Settings and then Messages. Select Blocked Contacts, and then tap on Add New to include a new unwanted contact in your blocked list.

Using any of these two methods, you will not only be able to stop receiving unwanted messages but also FaceTime calls and phone calls. It keeps you from going to the FaceTime and Phone apps and then to settings to prevent the same contact from sending unwanted messages.

2. Blocking text messages from unknown or private phone numbers

Unfortunately, unknown or private phone numbers cannot be blocked as easily as you can block known numbers. However, the unknown numbers can be filtered and separated from the contacts you know. Tap on Settings, and then select Messages.

Toggle the option Filter Unknown Senders. It will help generate a new tab in the Messages app and is known as Unknown Senders, but you will not receive any notifications for these.

3. Report spam or scam iMessages

Another option for you is to report spam or scam iMessages. But where do you report? When you get an iMessage from an unknown number, you will get a Report Junk link. Tap on the link to share the information of the sender with Apple.

Once you report it to Apple, the company will prevent the bot or person from sending messages to you again. You can contact Apple via email at “”

Remember that you will need to send a screenshot of the spam message, along with the phone number or email address that sent the message, as well as the time and date you received it.

You may also report scam texts and spam messages to online cell phone directories such as By making it public, you will help others to avoid themselves from getting scammed.

How to stop receiving unwanted SMS in Android?

stop receiving sms in Android

1. Google Android phones

You can adopt any two methods of blocking unwanted messages on a Google smartphone, like Pixel 4. The first method involves opening the Messages app and then opening the conversation with one of the contacts.

Tap on More, which is represented by three vertical dots, then select Details, and finally tap on Block & Report spam. The other method requires you to open Messages, then touch and hold any of the unwanted conversations that you wish to block, and finally tap on the Block icon when it appears on the top right side.

2. Samsung smartphones

Samsung phones, like Google Android phones, provide you with two ways of blocking messages. The first method requires you to open Messages, then select the conversation with the unwanted number you wish to block.

Tap on the More icon, choose Block number and finally toggle to check the Delete conversation option if you like. Once done, tap on OK.

You can also go to Messages, then More, and finally select Settings. Tap on Block messages, and then choose Block numbers. Here you can enter the unwanted phone number and tap on the + sign. You will also get the option to choose from your contacts list or inbox. When all the numbers have been entered, tap on the back arrow.

3. LG phones

The blocking process on LG phones is comparatively quicker and more straightforward. You need to open LG’s messaging app, then tap the text or multimedia message you wish to block.

Once you have chosen the message, tap on the three dots that appear in the top right side, and finally tap on Block number to confirm it. The number will then be automatically blocked.

How to stop receiving SMS online with Apps?

If you are looking for some other ways to stop unwanted messages and calls, then there are hundreds of apps available in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, which you can install on your phone.

Here is a list with some of the most popular online SMS blockers that you should check out if you wish to follow that path, but make sure that you know about the possible privacy issues when sharing your contacts.

1. Hiya Caller ID and Call Blocker

It is a call-blocking and message-blocking app that automatically identifies numbers and can flag telemarketers, robocalls, known fraudsters, and debt collectors based on a database that consists of thousands and millions of contacts.

You can use it not just to generate a blocked list, but you can also reverse lookup numbers. The only shortcoming is that it accesses and uploads your contacts to its database but in encrypted form. It can be downloaded by both Android and iPhone users.

2. Truecaller

With over 250 million users worldwide, Truecaller has become one of the most popular call and text blocking apps. Being a successor to the Truemessenger app, it does the same job, while allowing you to identify a spam number and stopping it from calling or messaging you.

Its powerful Caller ID system can automatically name unknown numbers and can block marketing text messages and spams. It should be noted that Truecaller can access and possibly share your contacts. Make sure that you go through its privacy policy before installing it. It is available for both the iPhone and Android platforms.

How to stop receiving spam SMS or Text Messages on PC?

stop receiving sms on PC

For this, you should prevent people from calling or texting you on Google Voice. To block an unwanted number, you need to go to and then open the tab for Calls, Messages, or Voicemail.

Select the call, text message, or voicemail. Click on the three perpendicular dots and then select Block number. Finally, click on Block to confirm.


We understand it can be difficult for you to find the one foolproof method to stop all the unwanted text messages and calls. In addition to the apps we covered, there are hundreds of others developed for blocking calls and texts. It is advisable that you do a bit of research on the app that you intend to download and install.

While these apps will help you separate the wanted messages from spam, you should still keep an eye on those blocked messages every now and then. Whether it uses algorithmic, manual, or rule-based flagging, there is every possibility a vital message may be marked as spam. We hope you found this information useful.

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