If you would like to search for information about a person, you have many options available. While you could consider posting flyers in the streets and ask questions at businesses, stores, government buildings, workplaces, or even the police, these options seem to be far from practical on many levels. Not many people will have the desire, time, or budget to do all these things that are mentioned above.

The introduction of online search engines has given you a great alternative to traditional detective work. Search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, Safari, and DogPile are excellent for different types of content. Still, if you are looking for highly-detailed reports about individuals, then it is recommended that you do a background check using a specialized public records website.

Who can Conduct Background Checks?

To tell the truth, we all need to conduct background checks. All the persons you come across in your daily life, including the one who picks up your child from school, or the one who drives your kid to the doctor’s place. You should always do a background check.

big data

The same holds true for a pet sitter, babysitter, maid, butler, old-age care assistant, landscape professional, tenant, maintenance pool cleaner, an after-school teacher, and an online dating suitor. Without exploring the land of distrust, you should always try to get specific details about those that you are assigning the security or safety of your family.

Public records websites and search engines help provide an array of important elements, such as:

  • Registry records of sex offenders
  • Names and aliases of those people
  • Full address history, as well as eviction notices of an individual
  • Bankruptcies, county records, tax liens, arrest, and civil judgment details
  • Any county records, criminal court records, and case numbers related to that person

Depending on the kind of info a public records website can produce, it can be easily understood why you need to check them. The traditional search engines usually do not give you the results that you can get from background checking services. Comprehensive search engines put together data from several reputable sources, providing a complete report that is easy to read.

Are you allowed to Search for Public Records?

The FOIA or Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson. It implements the right of U.S. citizens to view and retrieve any or all the information that is possessed by the federal authorities such as the FBI, IRS, defense departments, and state government.

However, matters of ongoing investigations, national security, government personnel records, trade secrets, medical records, some geological/geophysical data, and bank records are expressly kept out from the FOIA. President Bill Clinton, in 1996, passed the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments law, which has obligated agencies to show as much of the public data online as possible.


You should look for a public records search engine that makes it relatively easy to source all the relevant information as cost-effectively and quickly as possible. The variety of search queries must cover all the topics that are mentioned above and more. Several factors should be considered, including the value of the search, speed of the records search, correctness of the results displayed, and the customer support quality available to you.

Most people are unaware that so much personal data is currently being held by government agencies. Misdemeanors, felonies, and crimes often go undetected by believing the word of mouth, which makes it more important to perform a detailed public records search.

For example, if you want to meet somebody via a dating site on the internet, you may want to find out if that person was an inmate, a criminal, or is presently married. These records are offered for the benefit of people, and if you do not have anything to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.

How can You Use the Info found from Public Records Search Engine?

You should use it wisely. If you find any info that represents someone in a negative way, you should consider the options available to you. If you are a property holder, you should think twice before renting out your property to someone who has previously been evicted or has defaulted on payments.

The public record finders help in providing clarity and transparency. Some of the best public records websites and search engines that are available include People Looker, Truthfinder, and BeenVerified. These companies have won the trust of their clients by compiling in-depth, accurate, timely, and cost-effective results.

Public Records Search Tools

Plenty of free websites for finding public records exist online. If you visit a public records finder website, you will find everything, including marriage and divorce information, birth and death records, criminal data, and more.

Some record finders will give you the option to locate all that information simultaneously, but others are designed to give you one type of record. You might use one site for finding birth records and another one for death records, but some may give you information on both.

For Finding People’s Records

If you want to use public records, search for finding information on a particular person, use a search engine that gives you personal data based on some basic information. You can enter a person’s name and location to view more information about him/her, like his/her email addresses, usernames, phone numbers, physical addresses, education history, relatives, and more.

If you are looking to find a person’s info for free, then you can use TruePeopleSearch, but paid services like BeenVerified, which gives more exhaustive results, are also available.

Public Criminal Records

You might want to use a people search engine for finding criminal records (e.g., BeenVerified, which does a pretty decent job at listing those records), but you can do a criminal record search using an inmate locator like the one provided by Federal Bureau of Prisons.

police record

If you want to find sex offenders in an area, then you can use Family Watchdog, an excellent public records finder that allows you to find a particular criminal via name, or find nearby sex offenders by school or location. You may use the National Sex Offender Public Website to get the most updated information from all the 50 states, U.S. Territories, and The District of Columbia. Online newspapers are also considered public records, and they are frequently updated to include the most recent criminal reports.

Public Death Records

List of deaths, found on the internet, is also a way of searching public records online. It is one of the most popular ways by which you get to know if somebody has passed away.

You can also search for gravesite records by browsing websites such as Find A Grave that lists millions of memorials, which you can go through to check a death record. Some of them even have pictures of the gravesite for added proof.

Free Online Birth Records

Most birth certificates are not available on the internet for public records, but there are ways to find birth record info online for free through other websites. For example, a family tree website often gives you birth details like the time and place people were born, who the parents are, were they adopted, etc.

Newspaper websites are another popular way of searching public birth records. Although not many people release a birth announcement, some of them do.

You can get an official birth certificate by using the services of VitalCheck.


Whenever you need to conduct public records search, you should try and cover the most essential elements. Safety, security, reliability, credibility, and honesty are important when you deal with people. The detailed information that you are likely to miss in an elementary Google search will not be overlooked with a comprehensive public record search using the abovementioned public records search engines.

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