Finding people on the internet can be easy only if you have got the right tools. Tracking down a person’s personal information such as their phone number, his/her address, email address, the relatives, criminal or arrest records (if any) has become easier than ever before with the use of a people search engine.

When you need to search for a long-lost friend, locate a relative from whom you have not heard in years, verify info that you have on some people, like a new friend, neighbor, or an employee, you should use a people search tool. Search engines like those that are listed here are useful tools designed for finding only people-related information.

The personal information search tools given below are the most reliable ones right now. You might be asked to pay for a trial (usually $1 or less), and if you’re then satisfied and want to use the tool for a longer period of time, simply become a member and pay a monthly subscription.

A site that helps find people is not useful when you try to figure out if a person is dead. For finding such personal information, your best bet is an obituary finder. If any of these people finders mistakenly adds your name to their list, you need to fill out a form that is available on the website to request and remove your personal details.

Best Tools Reviewed

1. Reverse Number



  • Detailed personal information
  • Beautiful website, very simple to use
  • Active support
  • Data is frequently updated
  • Pricing, one of the cheapest on the market (5-day Trial for $1)


  • Pay to use

The website allows you to find a person’s information by simply entering his or her phone number. It is one of the most popular personal information search tools since it gives you much more detailed free results than what you will get on some of the other websites.

Some examples of the info you can obtain from this site include a person’s current address, age, landline and wireless phone numbers, previous cities or towns where he/she used to live, email addresses, associated names, relatives, and possible associates. is one of the oldest and most reliable personal information lookup tools you can find on the Internet.


2. TruePeopleSearch




  • Gives you three ways of searching for people
  • You do not have to enter the last name


  • Sponsored links are mixed with real information

The website allows you to find a person by name, address, or phone number. It is one of the most popular people search tools since it gives you much more detailed free results than what you will get on some of the other websites.

Some examples of free info you can obtain from this site include a person’s current address, age, landline, and wireless phone numbers, previous cities or towns where he/she used to live, etc

TruePeopleSearch has an age filter option that can be used for narrowing down the results from a huge number of records. If you wish to pay for a large number of results, there is a link on each person’s page, which when clicked will redirect you to another website so that you can buy the complete report.


3. TruthFinder


  • You have to enter the name without any location
  • Shows all the basic information at free of cost
  • Gives you the option to pay and find plenty of information


  • You need to subscribe for a paid membership in order to get most of the results
  • It takes almost 15 minutes for the completion of the entire search mechanism

It does a pretty decent job of finding info about people, and it gives more comprehensive results than most other search engines. The TruthFinder website starts by searching all this personal information on a person, including misdemeanors, court records, traffic offenses, judgments, bankruptcies, felonies, sexual assaults, mugshots, weapons permits, arrest records, phone numbers, relatives, online profiles, assets, and address information.

It then looks for the person’s email addresses, job information, education history, government watch list info, social media images, videos, death records, dating profiles, registered domains, blog posts, online interests, and more.

The only information that can be seen for free is the person’s name, age, the current location where he/she lives or have previously lived, all the possible relatives, the email provider, last four digits of their phone number, as well as other possible names he/she might go by. For viewing other results, you will have to pay membership fees. You will be able to see the results immediately after you pay. While you can obtain one month’s unlimited reports or choose to pay for two months in advance to get some discounts.


4. Facebook




  • Provides personal information that most of the other search tools do not include
  • Gives you unique filtering options to narrow down results


  • Most users on Facebook set their profiles as private
  • Results cannot be narrowed down quickly because a search gives too many results
  • Shows inaccurate results if a user has previously omitted information from his/her profile

Facebook, being one of the largest social networks in the world, has millions of individuals accessing it regularly. Therefore, it sounds logical to use the Facebook search option as an extremely useful method of finding people on the internet. You can perform a search by a person’s name and may include his/her city, school, or employer. You may also use this social media platform for finding people with whom you went to school and college, as well as colleagues and friends of friends.

Facebook search can be used to search for people in a particular geographic location or those living in your area that you are not aware of, and any groups, clubs, or associations. While most people keep their profiles private, providing information to those who are visible in their family and circle of friends, others do not. A public profile lets anyone access to the person’s photos, check-in statuses, videos, and other personal posts.


5. BeenVerified


  • Offers four ways by which you can search for people
  • Compiles information from different sources


  • You need to pay a hefty price to see plenty of results
  • Results may take a long time to populate

Another famous people search engine like TruthFinder, the BeenVerified website, uncovers a variety of information on a person you are trying to locate. It compiles information from dozens of reliable data sources and thousands of data points. You can easily obtain contact information, background reports, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, and criminal records using the BeenVerified finder.

This tool also helps you find anybody with many personal info you have on them, such as phone number, name, email, or address. If you choose to pay, username searches get enabled, which means you can query more than 50 different sites to find a person online. While you can opt for a one-month membership to get faster searches and unlimited reports, you can pay for three months in advance to save money. The paid reports give you personal info like when the records were last verified, asset details, maps displaying previous and current locations, loan records, and integrated social media feeds.

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