How to Perform Address Lookup By Phone Number

How to Reverse Address Lookup By Phone Number

There are plenty of different reasons why you might need to find someone’s address from their phone number.  Perhaps you are in the middle of a Craigslist deal, are wanting more information on a potential job, or have begun dating someone new.

Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself needing to run a backwards phone check.  You’ve searched all over Google trying to get information on a phone number and that is what led you here.

How to reverse address search by phone number

Google Search the Phone Number

This is the most obvious option, but sometimes can be overlooked.  Search engines exist to help us find out the information we want to know and therefore are a great first step to take.  Simply type in the phone number that you received a call or text message from and see if Google returns any helpful information or results on it.

Sometimes this may be enough as there are a few number directory websites similar to that can provide helpful information on telephone numbers.  Often, these cell phone directory sites are free and have information that is aggregated from their users.

 Use A Cell Number Lookup Site

We previously touched on this method a bit already, but cell phone directory websites like are a great way to run phone searches.  Due to the way that these websites aggregate their phone number data, you can be certain that if they do have information available, that it will up to date and accurate.

These number directories sometimes allow you to find cell number info entirely for free without having to enter credit cards or any personal information.  While many other services claim to be, truly is a free number lookup.

Reverse Search the White Pages is an extensive reverse number lookup site that will share an initial set of basic information for every phone number they have in their database.  To get more number search data, they require a membership that has different levels based upon the user’s needs.

While many people prefer not to pay to access the information they want, the white pages website has been around for quite some time and have powered millions of reverse lookups.  If you can’t find someone’s address from their phone number anywhere else, you should have a good chance of being able to here.

How to find an address from a phone number with white pages

1. Head over to the homepage.

how to find out an address from a phone number

2. Find the search box field in the middle of the page.  Click to select “Reverse Phone” and enter the phone number that you would like to find an address for into the search bar field.  After you have entered the phone number, click the magnifying glass icon to begin your reverse number lookup.

3. Look through the information that White Pages has returned for the number that you searched.  If you are lucky, they will have the number listed in their database and the information you are seeking is freely available to see.  If not, you may need to upgrade to a paid membership plan in order to find out more about the phone number.

Use Facebook to Reverse Lookup the Number

If all of the previous methods have not provided you with the information that you seek, another option is using Facebook to search and find ownership info.  This process is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require much effort.

Simply head over to and log into your Facebook account if you haven’t already.  Once in, type the phone number into the search bar and click to submit.  Facebook will search all of the records and accounts associated with the phone number and if it is registered in its database, they will provide you with the connected info.

Reverse Phone Detective

When searching the internet has failed you, another alternative option is to hire a private investigator or contact the police.  Please keep in mind that you should only call your local police department if you believe that you are in danger or that someone has broken the law.

Contacting law enforcement should not be taken lightly and should only be done if you believe your situation warrants it.  Detectives and private investigators often are not cheap and are generally choices when the situation has escalated and is no longer just a minor inconvenience.

If you are being harassed, then paying a larger fee to find out more information about the phone number might be worth it.  For most people, this isn’t really an option and is going above and beyond the scope of what is realistic for their situation.  Hopefully, this article has helped you to realize the different options available for looking up phone number information.


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