What is a short code? Well, it is a special phone number of 5 to 6 digits which is shorter than one full number. These codes are used to send as well as receive MMS and SMS messages from your business number to customers as a marketing campaign.

The advantage of these short codes is carriers give pre-approval for maximum throughput. But do you know how to get a short code?

Before knowing about how to get a short code you should learn about different types of short codes which include the following:

i) Vanity: It is a particular digit number that you pick on your own.

ii) Random: It is being given to you and can never be reviewed beforehand.

Let us now see the steps involved in acquiring new short codes.

1st Phase: Engage

Engage phase

As we have already seen that there are two Short Codes, first of all, decide upon which one you would want for your business. Whether you would choose the numbers based upon your preference or the one given by Short Code Registry System.

Once you have decided the option you need to pick up a 6 or 12 months lease period for the short code. Finally, you will be asked to fill the Campaign Brief form. In this form you will have to fill the following:

  • Your Company
  • Contact Details
  • How you want to make use of your short code

At last, you will have to get into one contractual agreement for a short code with the service provider.

During this phase, your service provider does the first-round review of Campaign Brief to ensure your success in the field of business during the approval process of your carrier. When the contract has been signed your service provider can acquire a short code from the Registry of the United States.

2nd Phase: Set Up

Set Up phase

Once you have acquired the short code it is the right time for setup.

The next step in the process of how to get a short code is you should perform the:

  • SMPP Integrations
  • API Integrations

With the service provider to be sure of sending and receiving messages successfully. As per the guidelines of the short code integrations should comprise of the keyword responses from:

  • HELP
  • STOP etc

Apart from API integration, there might be some extra development works to test the flow of messages appropriately. Before acquiring the approval you should test the traffic flow and full integration.

It is in this phase a specialist from the service provider works with you in partnership to settle upon your Campaign Brief and ensure everything has been arranged for a review of your carrier.

3rd Phase: Activate

activate phase

In this phase, your service provider submits the Campaign Brief for the process of review & approval to carriers. Every carrier conducts reviews and tests to check if your campaign matches up to the guidelines of the short code provided by the Registry of the United States.

If technical issues or questions arise then you should be answerable and be ready to reply to those questions. Otherwise, the phase is usually carried off by your service provider and the carriers.

Once you receive approval from every carrier your campaigning messages are ready to be sent through their networks respectively.

4th Phase: Go Live!

Go Live phase

No sooner than the testing has been completed your service provider notifies you by certifying your marketing campaign i.e. you are ready to launch your short code services and run it live for traffic. This is to ensure you comply with all the requirements of your carrier services.

This is the entire process of how to get a short code for your business. But do you know the process of migration for your present short code? For migration, the process is a bit simpler and takes lesser time often. Nevertheless, the process involves some tough work.

5th Phase: Engage

Engage phase

The process is a bit different here as compared to the process of getting short codes. Here you will have to show the Letter of Migration for your short code to your service provider and your present Lease Receipt.

Again you will have to fill the Campaign Brief form and this is where your previous experience proves to be fruitful unless and until the purpose of your campaign has transformed afterward.

From the 2nd Phase i.e. the Set-Up to the final 4th phase i.e. the Go Live the processes remain the same for your approval of short code migration.


Short Codes act as a great promotional campaign for businesses. With the help of these short codes, you can send your customers New Offers, Coupons & Promotions through SMS. Just follow these few easy steps and you can acquire a new short code to run your business campaigns and generate huge revenues.

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