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Who Is Texting Me


At some point or another, everyone asks the question “who is texting me”?  It can be infuriating, receiving text messages and phone calls from numbers again and again. They persist for days, sometimes even weeks.  Responding to the numbers doesn’t work, if only you could figure out who is behind those numbers so that you could take the proper action.


Does the above paragraph sound familiar? Are you a victim of annoying and obnoxious text messages and phone calls from unknown numbers? If so, then this article (and our website in general) was created specifically to help you. Some background info on shortcodes.org would probably be helpful for you to better understand our mission and why we offer this reverse number lookup service to the users of our site for free. Heck, we’ve even go so far as to write our articles about different cell phone functionality in hopes that it will help people understand how to opt out of premium rates text message fees.


We believe in a “freemium” model for the data that our users submit to our site’s cell phone directory.  We are an aggregate of information that is run by our site’s users. People receive text messages and phone calls from unknown numbers and come to our website to report them – thus ensuring that no one else will fall victim to the spam or scam text messages or calls on their cell phones and land lines. Pretty cool idea, huh?  Well we can’t take all of the credit for this, as we rely on our awesome community members to submit useful up to date info on phone calls and text messages that they receive in order for our service to work!


Charging for these services seems pretty scummy, especially since we source it from our site’s members themselves. Keeping things free makes the most sense. Full disclosure though, if you search a number that we don’t have in our site’s directory (yet), we may redirect you to a site that we partner with who does have information on the number that you searched. We do not and cannot promise that all partnered sites will not charge for any of their information services, but here at shortcodes.org we do not charge for ours.


That being said, the ads that we display on our site help us keep our information free and available for all to see. To help keep this service running and keep the lights on, please feel free to share out site and let others who may find it helpful know about what we do here. It is greatly appreciated and helps us grow both our usersbase, but also our cell phone directory of information, helping more people answer the question “who is texting me”.


To use our free reverse lookup search, just type any number into the search bar at the top of this page.


Recent Reports

  • izzy la morte on 244444 Short Codeall it says it its from the #244444 and the message states "google is verifying the phone# of this device
  • Eileen OConnor on 57221 Short CodeFreeMsg:You have unsubscribed from Prizezillas. Helpline 014372478. info: www.prizezillas.com. Clickzillas
  • Vivek Mishra on 622129 Short CodeI get spam messages of winning 5,20,000. Cash Prize from HP-622129. Stop this. Here is the message. "Y0UR M0BILE N0
  • A. Zeitlin on 622622 Short CodeReceived text from 622622. It said thank you for opting in to text from MFA.
  • Rosalinda Rodriguez on 78500 Short CodeI received the following message today: WhatsApp code 223-969. You can also tap on this link to verify your phone:
  • Carlos Ledezma on 23333 Short CodeThe number was 23333 and it said that they shared and album with me so i jsut blocked the number
  • Kim on 365365 Short CodeI received an unwanted text from this number even after I responded STOP to opt out. The first was about
  • D Gee on 668366 Short CodeI received a text from a "volunteer" indicating I would be getting texts form 668366 (MoveOn) and did not provide
  • Rita Lauren on 24321 Short CodeThis number sent me a picture of a young looking girl in a possibly graphic pose. I didn't open the
  • Andris Rubenis on 69005 Short CodeReceive message from this number dcb:y3890k400COAET0908GS0B UKM42F611rl ......it so weird
  • Al License on 71371 Short CodeMessage I got said. Your funds 7689.43 GBP will be removed unless you access your account within 24 hours. http://g60.org/3YrGrH.
  • Neil Paetsch on 393939 Short CodeFrom Team Auctions -text message for auctions as well as a file - clk2.me.

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