Are Reverse Phone Lookup Sites Legit?

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Are Reverse Phone Lookup Sites Legit?

Are reverse phone lookup sites legit?

If you have stumbled across this article, chances are that you’re doing some reverse number searches.  You’ve probably come across a few different websites touting that they can help you figure out who called or texted you for a small fee.  There’s no shortage of the sites or services, but do they really work as well as they say they do?  Are the reverse phone sites actually worth paying for?


The answers to these questions is both yes and no, depending on which site/service you are considering using.  For instance, has been around for years and is an extremely reputable reverse lookup site, offering multiple different lookup options outside of phone number lookups.  Their model is one in which they typically will offer an initial amount of information for free, but finding out more will cost you a fee. is another reputable lookup site which we believe has both a solid reputation and quality of information.  They also charge to reveal more information on phone numbers, but give an initial amount away for free.


Outside of both services listed above, we can’t really speak much as to how reputable other sites are.  It really comes down to the information available on them and whether or not the price point is worth it to you the consumer.  How badly do you want to know who is being a phone number?  Is it worth paying a fee to gather that information?  If so, then both Whitepages and Beenverified are solid options that we recommend you consider checking out. is a community driven reverse phone lookup site which relies on user submitted information.  Our information is free of charge and we have the most extensive cell phone directory site out there.  You can lookup landlines, cell phone numbers, text messages, and much more.  Try it out today by visiting and trying it out for yourself now.


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