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Top Scam Area Codes To Never Answer

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Top Scam Area Codes To Never Answer

Let’s face it, getting calls from unknown phone numbers, spam callers, and prank dialers is obnoxious. There is a sea of endless callers out there that often leave us wishing we hadn’t picked up the phone. Hopefully through this article you will have a better understanding of which area codes to avoid and why that is. We will also do our best to help you learn how to find out who the unknown callers are and find out information about them.

Top Scam Calls You Should Not Answer

The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that scammers are attempting to use auto-dialers to automatically call cell phones across the country. Once the call has successfully been connected, the scammer will let the phone ring just once before hanging up on the victim. also reported that there are apprently three separate versions of this phone scam:

  1. In this first possible version, the scammer will call the victim’s phone and hang up before you have a chance to answer.
  2. The next possible scenario involves the scammer waiting for you to answer your phone. If you do answer, they will play a prerecorded message of a person in an emergency situation and hang up before you have a chane to respond.
  3. The final scenario that we are aware of involves the xcammer sending a text message pretending that they are in trouble and needing your help.

Remember:  there is no danger involved with received the initial phone call or text message. The only time you may be charged is if you respond back by calling or texting the phone number back. Sometimes these scam/spam area codes look like domestic United States area codes, but in actuality they are international area codes and are charged as premium phone numbers, similar to 900 numbers. These numbers often charge an international call fee along with expensive minute by minute charges as well.

One interesting tactic that these scammers will often pull is playing “hold” music or recordings of advertisements to keep victims on the line as long as possible, racking up additional fees and charges.

Scam Area Codes to Watch Out For

The Federal Trade Commision says that they believe these area codes to be involved and should be avoided:

268 (Antigua and Barbuda)

284 (British Virgin Islands)

473 (Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique)

664 (Montserrat)

649 (Turks and Caicos Islands)

767 (Commonwealth of Dominica)

809 (Dominican Republic)

829 (Dominican Republic)

849 (Dominican Republic)

876 (Jamaica)

If you receive a phone call or text message from any of these area codes, the best course of action typically is to not answer. A general rule of thumb is that if you receive a phone call or text from any number that you don’t recognize, it’s usually best to play it safe. You can easily search any number related to phone calls or text messages that you receive here on entirely for free. If we don’t have the info on our site available for the number you’re reverse searching, we will even forward you to one of the sites we partner with who does. This ensures that you’ll always find the reverse number lookup info on who is calling you.

Be safe this year and remember, don’t answer unknown calls or texts! Search Activity

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